BLACKBiz Foundation is non-Profit who recognizes it is time to change the narrative and promote Black Excellence and Ingenuity leveraging a multi-faceted approach targeted to serve the African Diaspora.

Our Vision

BLACKBiz will be disruptive innovator in the consumer industry providing a supportive ecosystem resulting in profitable and sustainable market share for Black-owned businesses

Our Objectives

  1. Unapologetically empower our community by promoting Black Excellence and Ingenuity.
  2. Boldly collaborate within our 6 tenet areas to cultivate a culture of unity, pride, and self-respect.
  3. Globally reverse the economic imbalance, affirming there is Power in the Collective.

BLACKBiz will help black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs grow and scale by providing access to capital, exposure and business mastery resources.For more information on the BLACKBiz Foundation, the BLACKBiz App, partnering with us or becoming a vendor please fill out the form and we will contact you soon.