African Renaissance Monument

Dakar, Senegal.

The Foundation's Mission

A non-profit chartered to support economic inclusion by strengthening and bringing together Black ingenuity currently done in insolation.

We are born of a people who are heroes and heroines. We are resilient. We are empowered to take control of our image and portray and uplift Black ingenuity and Black Excellence. We are from a legacy that did not despair because today the weather is bad. Nor turn triumphalist when, tomorrow, the sun shines. Whatever the circumstances we are resolved to define for ourselves who we are and who we should be.
                                             ~Inspired by "I Am an African" speech made by Thabo Mbeki

Meet The Masterminds

Gina Diggs
Founder and President

"BLACKBiz invites you to create solutions with us. This movement is bigger than any of us individually.
Together We Are the Answer!"

Kristi Logue
VP of Operations

"The BLACKBiz foundational principles are built on positivity. We are an affirming force, focusing on what makes Black-owned businesses succeed."

Sandra Daley
VP of Technology

"When preparation meets opportunity, success is soon to follow! BLACKBiz is becoming the go-to organization to help you achieve that success."

Ivan Brown
VP of Finance

"BLACKBiz is the Uber and AirBNB of the Black business enterprise. We integrate Black excellence into a world class collective collaboration."